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How to Write a Successful Resume

      Nowadays, the technology literally facilitates our lives and enhances the opportunity to find a job, making it much easier to access the company via Internet; meanwhile it could be a threat that leads the world to be more competitive. Resume could be one of the keys that represents you and shows your qualifications to the employer. Therefore; it’s a job of the job seekers to pay attention to the resume which could affect their lives and also their futures. Today I have some tricks to guide you to write a successful resume.

1. Basic Elements of Resume
    Resume should consist of these elements arranged by following order.
            • Heading and Profile Picture
            • Personal Information
            • Availability
            • Qualification Summary
            • Skills
            • Working Experience
            • Education
            • Certificates
            • Achievements


2. Heading
The heading should consist of the position you would like to apply for, your name, address, contact number and email address. Address information will help the recruiters to match the job which nearby your place, or suggest the methods of transportation. Your contact number is a must because it’s the easiest and fastest way to contact you. Email address will be used to contact you in case that the contact number doesn’t work.


3. Personal Information
You should at least inform them the information of your name, gender, age, date of birth, and marital status. This factors are always required by the recruiters because they will put them in their record. Even you do not show the information on you resume, they will call back and ask you anyway. This will save their time and also your time.


4. Qualification Summary
This is the golden stage that allows you to catch the recruiters’ attention. The qualification summary is always on the first page of your resume. They will read or just ignore your resume is depended on how your qualification attract them. The things that your be in the summary are the overall working experience, how long you’ve been working in the position, your outstanding skills and achievement, your strengths, and your personality. You just have to make sure that all information is related to the position you want to apply for.


5. Skills
This is one of the most significantly important parts of your resume, especially for IT jobs. The recruiters will search for the technical skills that they need from this part. Our suggestion is you should show all of your skills by separating them into categories such as Programming Language, Platform, Application, and Tools.

6. Professional experiences
Some people make a mistake at this point by avoiding explanation of the job responsibilities. The name of the position could not tell or guarantee your abilities and experiences. It is important to explain all duties that you’ve performed to show that you are qualified and able to perform on the position.



7. Achievements
Your achievements can be used as the reference of your qualifications and assure that your abilities could provide the effective outcomes. The achievement also show that you are motivated and willing to dedicate yourself to your career’s goals.

      In conclusion, these guidelines could enhance your job opportunity and make your resume more attractive. There is no fixed pattern of the resume, you can add more necessary details that related to the position. However, if you’re still not confident or find it difficult to follow the suggestions and you need a consultant to make your resume precise, specialized in your professional experience and more attractive,please contact us Vanness Plus Consulting:,