Career tips



You should examine your strengths and weaknesses including your work experience. We suggest that you should take time for this process because when you know what things you are good at, you will find a job that best for you. Skills are divided into many parts as the following: Logic, Management, People, Mechanical, Communication, Judgment, Attention, Thinking, Physical, and Sense. However, IT field has many technical skills for each position. You should find a lot information as possible as you can for preparing yourself and exploring what position fit to you.

Ask yourself what things you like and especially interested in. We recommend that you should make a note of the activities you most enjoy and spend most of your time on. For example, you are enjoyed coding or developing new software technology, you will be suitable to programmer job. If you are enjoyed designing and creating, you will be suitable to graphic designer job and etc.


Every career has its unique working styles especially in IT field. You should know what style of work that you are looking for. In general, IT jobs need candidates that have innovation, analytical thinking, attention to detail, flexibility, persistence and adaptability.

Your personal values will be the top indicator for choosing jobs and organizations that you want to work. Work values will provide employees the job satisfaction. For example, if you need to get high salary, you will only focus on benefits and compensations of the job. If you need relationship or supporting in the workplace, you will find a job that has friendly colleagues and non-competitive environment etc.

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